Challenger Route Planner

Challenger Route Planner is an integrated application that helps facilitate and improve passage-planning process. The program allows bridge crew to create routes almost instantaneously, to view the limits of all the products on World Map and to compute the product coverage required for a safe passage. Challenger Route Planner combines Paper Charts, Digital Charts, Paper Publications and Digital Publications catalogues.


Challenger Route Planner provides functionality to:

  • View inventory products and products from general catalogue on World Map simultaneously.
  • Create routes, search/add/remove products for particular routes.
  • Save routes with products found for future use, and transfer routes to/ from most ECDIS systems
  • Display current Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NTMs) on World Map.
  • Save products added to Basket for further purchasing via service distributor or save electronic charts/publications for automatic ordering via B2B Challenger platform.

With Challenger Route Planner, bridge crews can control costs and sizes of download data by ordering only those products required for an intended route, while permits and data can be ordered and received immediately. Bridge officers can overlay digital products (AVCS/ADP/e-NP) on one screen, making it easier to plan voyages within the application.

Challenger Route Planner uses data and user settings from the main Challenger module  and does not require any specific settings. Vessel inventory and weekly corrections are also managed from Challenger main module.

Challenger Route Planner functions in 2 main modes:

  • World Map
  • Route Planning

World Map mode

World Map mode allows to view polygons for all types of products (paper/electronic charts and publications), to add any products displayed on the Map to the Basket using group operations or different filters. Products added to the Basket can be saved for either ordering by a distributor or for automatic ordering.

Route Planning mode

Route Planning mode allows to create and save routes, find products on route, find and view T&P NMs in force on route, and preview saved routes with products found earlier on route.
All operations with charts and publications are the same as in the World Map mode. All products selected to be displayed on the Map or products found on a route can be added to the current route for future quick access and preview.