The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO, found in 1795) is the UK's agency providing hydrographic and geospatial data to mariners and maritime organisations across the world. They are a trading arm of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

They are responsible for operational support to the Royal Navy and other defence customers. Supplying defence and the commercial shipping industry, they help ensure Safety of Lives at Sea (SOLAS), protect the marine environment and support the efficiency of global trade. Together with other national hydrographic offices and the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO), they work to set and raise global standards of hydrography, cartography and navigation.

Their market-leading portfolio of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions is found on over 90% of the world's ships trading internationally.Relied upon by mariners for over 200 years, their portfolio provides the most comprehensive range of SOLAS-compliant charts, publications and digital services to keep crews, cargo and ships safe.

Their global reputation is based on the reliability of our hydrographic and geospatial information. That's why they employ global experts including cartographers, hydrographic surveyors, tidal experts and master mariners to ensure this information is up to date.
UKHO experts help to collect, compile, analyse and supply global maritime data in a wide variety of formats, including millions of items per year under the ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions brand. This data includes tidal height and tidal stream data, navigational hazards, over 85,000 individual light structures, port information, climatic conditions, maritime radio communications information and security-related information.


PoseydonPoseidon Navigation Services Ltd was established in 2014 under the leadership of Thomas Gunn. The company is an    International Admiralty Chart Agent (IACA) and has a global customer base which is supplied primarily from the company’s head office in Scotland, as well as by the network of local agents, including official Sub-distributor 'KDU Marine' basined in Dubai, UAE.
The company holds a worldwide stock of Admiralty paper charts and publications, readily available for immediate dispatch. Also, the company provides with fully searchable digital database using Witherby bookshelf and IMO bookshelf, and supplies with Admiralty Official ENCs AVCS, ADP, ENPs and marine equipment. 
Poseidon Navigation Services monitors vessels’ inventories and reviews the chart and publication holdings required for safe operation & compliance. For all Scottish ports and most other ports in the UK the company provides a service of compass adjusting and repairs. 

In collaboration with Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd our company has developed chart management and updating software 'Challenger' which can provide the mariner with data for both paper and electronic charts and publications, and also an intuitive planning and ordering facility allowing the bridge team to receive their data instantly using the B2B module.



The company Unimars (Universal Marine Service) was established in August 1994 in Riga on the basis of ship supply service at the ports of Riga, Tallinn, Klaipeda. It is a multi-profile marine holding rendering the comprehensive maritime services to the vessels calling at the ports in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Norway, being called the largest organization providing the maritime services on the East Coast of the Baltic Sea. 

Taking into account the need for separation of different types of services, the marine holding includes five separate legal entities (departments) with the overall vision and overall management. Today the departments provide their customers with the following services: technical maintenance; warehouse and logistic service; ship repair services; charts outfit management; correction of charts; delivery of paper navigational charts and navigational publications, electronic charts, digital publications, e-nautical publications; supply and inspection of fire-fighting and rescue means; ship supply with technical equipment, provisions and bonded stores; supply and maintenance of deck equipment; marine educational courses. 

Unimars Navigation is an official Subdistributor of company Bogerd-Martin NV, an official Subdistributor of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, an official agent for Cartographic Technology Centre (Russian Federation), the IMO distributor, ITU distributor.



Elcome International LLC, established in 1969, is the leader of the marine technology system integration and turnkey solutions provider in the Middle East with departments in UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Singapore, together with subservient companies in India. 

Elcome provides products and services such as ECDIS hardware & software, communications equipment, airtime, paper & electronic charts, installation, training & certification, and maintenance. The only company in UAE, manufacturing custom marine switchboards (Low Voltage and Medium Voltage) & control systems for vessels of all types. 

Elcome is an authorized Admiralty Chart Agent and Digital Distributor appointed by The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. As the largest and approved stockist in the region of British Admiralty Charts & Publications, IMO, ITU, BSF, TSO, RYA, NI & Witherby publications, National & Code signal flags, Safety signs & Posters, and nautical instruments, they supply entire folio supervisory, chart correction tracings & updates, along with weekly NTMs.  



Novikontas SCM is a prominent maritime crew supplier in Lithuania and Baltic States since 1995, with offices in Klaipeda (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), and Kaliningrad (Russian Federation). Novikontas is the oldest and only private recruiting agency in Baltic states employing and sending seafarers on board of vessels sailing under flags of EU countries.

The company provides a range of employment services on various types of the vessels under foreign flags. These services include crewing, recruitment, posting, registration, training of current and future seafarers from East Europe and CIS countries. Owning a considerable database, they have no difficulties with satisfying client's demands in a single crew member or a complete crew.Company also provides such services as certification; applying for endorsements; consulting service; ship supplying; sale, installation, maintenance of all types of marine electronic equipment; logistics and cargo expedition; consultancy on implementation of ISO-9001, ISM Code and ISPS Code.