MONSTR-2012 Software is used to FDR flight data extraction and data analysis. Applicable to ARINC 542/573/717/474, any type of older soviet and modern Russian and Ukrainian solid-state FDR systems. Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) information can be used combined with FDR information.

MONSTR-2012 Logical Data Processing Subsystem meets the ICAO Doc 9859 AN/474 requirements and is certified by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and Federal Aviation Authority of Russia for airplanes designed by Antonov, Tupolev, Ilyushin, Yakovlev Design Bureau and helicopters designed by Kamov and Mil Design Bureau

MONSTR-2012 Software open structure allows add new modules for FDR data processing of any type of civil or military aircrafts in the shortest time.

MONSTR-2012 Software is a tool for regular flight data processing, incident and accident investigation and logical complement to the safety data base systems.


«MONSTR–2012» Software tasks for all aircraft types

  •  Downloading and decompression FDR data, parameters decoding and saving its to the computer as a set of files named «Flight».

  •  Parameters’ measuring channels calibrations preparation and saving it to the Software calibration library or Database. 

  •  Initial data preparation and saving it to the one on Flights file.

  •  Flight parameters visualisation as a graph lines on the computer screen with capability toselect part of flight, save flight view and list of visible parameters as a template  for quick access while repeated flight data analysis.

  •  Synchronisation in the common framework flight data from FDR and acoustic data recorded by CVR .

  •  Synchronisation in the common framework different flights for combined analysis.

  •  Quick search and run flight processing from the set of previously created flights using special Flight Monitor programm.

  •  Storing Flights and logical processing results to the Safety Data Base for future statistical analysis.

«MONSTR–2012» Software logical data processing

  • Digital flight parameters filtration, finding and rejection glitches.
  • Calculation parameters not registered by FDR.
  • Calculation aircraft coordinates during the all over the flight.
  • Exceedence detection.
  • Workability check.
  • Flight crew piloting quality check and quality reduction reasons analysis.