The Challenger Software has been designed and developed by Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd. to provide mariners with a simple yet effective solution for receiving weekly electronic Notices to Mariners and Navigational updates, enabling the vessel to remain compliant with maritime regulations at all times.


For more precised and detailed information, the brochure on the "Challenger" Software is also available. You may find it by the following link.

Supported Products

It currently provides updates for: Admiralty Paper Charts & Publications, AVCS, ADP & e-NP digital products, NAVAREA warnings with many more products to be added in the future. Challenger allows the end user to effectively manage their on-board holdings, and can receive updates either by a direct Web Sync or by receiving weekly email files.


Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface Challenger enables bridge crews to efficiently manage and update both paper and digital products, to view any correction or product status, manage and access permits, as well as to purchase products required for the specific passage at the click of a button.

Besides the full weekly Notices to Mariners and complete data catalogue, the subscribing vessel is provided only with those corrections which are relevant to the vessel’s collection. This, along with the highest level of weekly data compression, allows to minimise communication costs.

Correction Log of Challenger is designed to display all applied and not applied corrections to paper and digital charts and publications, and also to notify the users of publication dates of new or new edition charts and publications with the possibility of purchase, as well as informs about withdrawal of charts/publications. Thus, Challenger ensures that navigational data is kept up-to-date in a timely manner and improves safe and compliant navigation. 

Benefits and main features

  • Monitor and manage vessel collections and corrections;
  • Receive highly compressed weekly data which is relevant to a vessel collection or a specific route;
  • Systematised and streamlined navigational updates for paper and electronic products in one application;
  • Plan and optimise a required route with a built-in Route Planner module;
  • Get access to a full catalogue of paper and digital Navigational Data which is updated weekly;
  • Get permits and licenses for digital products instantly through an embedded B2B ordering module; 
  • Print out weekly corrections and apply to paper charts and publications;
  • Generate exchange set of weekly updates for digital charts and publications and transfer to ECDIS/ADP/e-NP Reader;
  • Load into Challenger and transfer in ECDIS new editions of individual cells;
  • Print out relevant reports.


B2B direct ordering

Our B2B instant licensing module enhances the navigating officer’s user experience by allowing them to automatically receive permits for AVCS, ADP and e-NPs within seconds of submitting the request, reducing the amount of admin time and therefore allowing more time to focus on navigational planning and bridge watch keeping duties in general. The system can be controlled by enforcing an ordering limit, set by the office based ship manager, which cannot be exceeded on-board meaning a greater degree of control on expenditure levels.



  • CHIL customers can have fixed yearly price, by selecting only cells needed for the route and get permits instantly.
  • Reduced weekly data file size due to complete control over items which are ordered, meaning no unwanted data for cells which aren’t necessary.
  • Vessels can request new cells whenever they need them.
  • Shipping office can control expenditure by setting limits for each vessel and approving each order as they come.
  • Annual usage can be easily analysed and advice can be given on possible savings.
  • All international AVCS cells are included in the CHIL service, no restrictions.


Challenger has been fully certified by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) for providing electronic Notices to Mariners as a replacement for paper versions. It has also been approved by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) to provide their navigational data in a digital format.

The full list of approvals are as follows:

  • United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency
  • Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • Republic of Malta
  • Republic of Panama
  • Germany