MSS is delighted to inform you that we have enhanced our services. Now our offers also include NAVAREA Warnings.

MSS delivers latest In Force Radio Navigational Warning Updates (NAVAREA Warnings) directly to vessels by email. NAVAREA Warnings are collected basing on the data presented on each 21 World-Wide NAVAREA Coordinators websites. 

This service provides safety critical navigational data and helps vessels improve safety and ensure compliance in easy and effective way during voyage planning. It provides a detailed list of all the in-force NAVAREA Warnings for each area in serial number order, which is very useful and highly recommended for the navigating officers to correct the charts during passage planning and execution.

Key Features: 

  • Weekly updates via email
  • Full information of each In Force Radio Navigational Warning
  • Summary of In Force Warnings
  • All 21 NAVAREA Warnings maintained (NAVAREA I - NAVAREA XXI)
  • Updates delivered in plain text (pdf files) to reduce email size

Benefits for receiving Radio Navigational Warning Updates (NAVAREA Warnings): 

  • Weekly updates for each World-Wide Navigational Area
  • Summary of all In-Force Warnings supplied every week
  • Detailed information of each In-Force warning included
  • Enlarged Safety as all In Force NAVAREAs are elaborated when voyage planning (Navstations only transfer In-Force warnings from last 40-60 days)
  • Knowledge, early notification and monitoring off In-Force warnings well beforehand of transfering a new NAVAREA / planning a new voyage
  • Reduced office administration
  • Easily demonstrate compliance during examination or PSC inspections

NAVAREA Warnings price as little as £1.5 per week.