Custom Software

Marine Software Solutions offers a full range of software development services, starting from the adaptation of existing systems to the specific requirements of customers to the development of reliable and effective solutions in accordance with the individual vision of customers.


Tell us about your application, it's purpose and your plan of using it, as well as the preferred way to interact with the MSS team. We  will provide a solution that exactly matches your requirements. 
We create and develop highly flexible and scalable solutions, taking into account the potential growth of your business.

The usual practice of MSS is the phased implementation of the project. The development process is divided into several iterations - fixed time intervals with clearly defined intermediate goals and results. We provide:

  • Transparency of operations. The pre-designated time, budget and deliverable result of each of the development stages are clearly respected.
  • Reliability. The tasks and terms of each iteration will be coordinated with you to ensure full compliance with your requirements.
  • Timing.At the end of each stage, you get a ready-to-use solution with With the addition of a set of functional capabilities.

Corporate Systems

Marine Software Solutions has a great experience in creating enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. We provide the best solutions to the challenges facing your organization by the active usage of the knowledge accumulated in such areas as business process management, resource planning, customer relationship management and teamwork.

Multifunctional Web Applications

MSS develops multi-functional web applications for B2B, B2C business, corporate, partner and client portals, e-commerce solutions. In addition, we provide services for the development, implementation and support of cloud solutions

Convenient mobile applications

With our help, you can equip employees with remote access to corporate systems from mobile devices, ensuring the greatest mobility of staff, convenience and responsiveness.

Mature processes and methodologies

The success of the project largely depends on the maturity of the processes of the company-developer, the correct choice of methodology for the development and management of projects. MSS's  project management is focused on ensuring the effectiveness of the team work and achieving maximum productivity:

  •  Management requirements 
  •  Communication with the customer and ensuring transparency of operations
  •  Resource and knowledge management
  •  Project Risk Management
  •  Corrections management
  •  Quality control organization
  •  Regular reporting

Optimal balance of competences

During the years of successful work on complex projects of a high degree of complexity, we have summed a unique experience both in the technological sphere and in various vertical and horizontal areas.
Creation of a team dedicated to the implementation of the project - developers, software architects, business analysts, quality control specialists, coordinator and project manager - is carried out taking into account the domain experience and specific technical skills of each participant.

Quality control system

Quality control software is an integral part of the projects performed by Marine Maritime Solutions. The company has a specialized, well-equipped software quality control department, independent of development team, which will assume all the responsibility for quality control of your software.